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Shiatsu on Martha’s Vineyard

Shiatsu and Acupressure on ‘The Vineyard’  Martha’s Vineyard The United States department of education describes Asian bodywork therapies such as Shiatsu, Acupressure, Tuina, as subsets of massage therapy and acupuncture as it works on the soft tissue and muscles. Educationally close to acupuncture, but no needles, a five thousand years old technique, that presses and …

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The Joy Of Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping and  Suction Cupping   Fire Cupping is how cupping has been done traditionally for centuries, but in recent history vacuum cupping has become quite popular.   The reason fire cupping is so effective is the heat penetrates like tiny needles into the skin and mobilizes the blood and lymph flow. The heat created …

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Sticking To The Point

What is the point? Some feel that there is no point? Lack of Joy is an imbalance not a disease; but if we continue to live without joy, we will create disease. A diseased state, when we are honest with ourselves does not show up on our door step, unannounced. We do have genetic predispositions …

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AShiatsu Wellbeing

As Shi-atsu means finger pressure Ashi-atsu means foot pressure The idea is the same, you are using fingers and hands or feet and toes to work on the person. It has to do with feeling better through hands on~ or in this case FEET ON! A few Shiatsu or Ashiatsu treatment benefits Relieves pain Reduces …

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If the removal of symptoms is not followed by a restoration to health, it cannot be called a cure.

  A single one of the symptoms present is no more the  disease itself than a single foot is the man himself. If you were to ask a M.D./physician, who had not been trained in Homeopathy, of what a cure consists, his mind would only revolve around the idea of the disappearance of the pathological …

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