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Self Reflexology

With Kim Purdy

When: Monday October 9, 2023

5:45 PM

Price: $17.00

This one hour class will be a great end of the day full body relaxation, all on the feet.

Where: 1266 Furnace Brook Parkway suite 403 Quincy MA. 6174791030

In the historic Williard Building

Why: It is a great tool for Well-Being 

One class per person

woman massaging her tired feet

Self Reflexology

There are 7200 nerve endings on the sole of each foot.

Look what our feet do for us:

 Your feet give you: stability and balance; grip and strength to walk and run; shock absorption so that the rest of your body is not jarred as you move.

Each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints and a network of more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments.

One quarter of all the bones in the human body are in your feet. When these bones are out of alignment, so is the rest of the body.

The heel bone is the largest of the bones in the foot.

There are over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot.

In these series of classes we will be focusing on reflex points that have to do with our internal organs harmony they bring to bear on their systems.

The Central Nervous  (CNS) and PNS (Parasympathetic Nervous System.

The outcome is detoxing and rejuvenation from the bottom up and inside out.


This Masterclass will start in

This class is for you if...

  • Looking to see if you can truly feel better


  • To see where the organs line up on your footsole

FUN FACTS and what we will learn

Historical significance

The Chinese classic, the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, which was written around 1,000 BC, has a chapter on "Examining Foot Method"

It is believed that Marco Polo translated a Chinese massage book into Italian in the 1300s.

In 1582, a book on an integral element of reflexology called zone therapy was first published in Europe by Dr. Adamus and Dr. A'tatis.

The facts have remained unchanged through centuries of looking into it, going much farther back than our callouses could imagine.

There are points in TCM that are beyond the scope of this class, but once a month I will add a foot acupuncture point for a certain situation.

What do our feet  do for US?

Our feet carry us through life, that is a lot of responsibility.

Gratitude is always part and parcel of wellbeing.

Sadly many of us do not realize that within our feet we carry every part of our body.

The GREAT news is that we can do something about that.

This series of classes, whether you take one or are here every 3 times a week, or just the first class

we will be touching on every aspect of our bodily system, through these precious feet.

They provide a steady base for the rest of the body

Our feet absorb the shock as we walk, smoothing out the impact of landing they are our cushions.

 They are ALL OF US

At the First Prerequisite to the membership ongoing classes, I will hand out the hand out.

From the top of our head to the bottom of our feet, our feet...we have our hands to gently or deeply (you decide the pressure), on areas that are our hands, our feet, our elbows, our spine, our head.

The entire spine can be treated from the neck down to the sacrum.

Our skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and the reproductive system.

These are all reflected on our feet, and we can help them, even if we are incurable, they are not without life force and where gratitude lives in us, it will say THANK YOU!

So... are you in?

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