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14 Great Acute remedies EVERYONE should have in their medicine chest

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Foundations of a Healthy Vital Force

The Great Restorative

The cures with homeopathic medicine are known throughout the entire world.

The marketing of conventional medicine is frightening...if you have this or that, do not take this....HELP!

The idea that when we don't feel well, it's the conventional pharmacy that will give us relief and there is no other way, never mind a BETTER WAY!

Introducing classical homeopathy for acute treatment of 'situations'.

Treats ailments from puncture wounds, sprained limbs, strains from heavy lifting, cuts, bruises from any injury, hangover, jet lag, teething, menstrual cramps, the list goes on and the foundation of restoration, couldn't feel better while you're getting better, rapidly and gently.

This class will show you not only how to determine the remedy you need, but also how to manage it with watery doses, this is what puts the classical in classical homeopathy.

This class is for you if...

  • Looking to see if what they say about homeopathy is true

  • To find out it is true

  • To apply the remedies personally

What you'll learn


Historical significance

In order to understand how homeopathy works today, a background into how it was created and why.

Homeopathy and vaccinations historically.

Who benefits from homeopathy?

Homeopathic medicine is valuable from before conception throughout pregnancy and right up to the end of life, it is gentle and restorative, and at no time in life, are we not alive and need support.

Chronic versus Acute

This class is focused on acute care and why it is not for a chronic healthcare situation.

Chronic care is alway done by a professional and if you are interested in chronic care, Kim Purdy is a professionally trained classical homeopath.

Classical prescribing

Classical homeopathy does not dose with dry pellets, The remedies are diluted which is how classical homeopathy was done since its inception.

The remedies enhance our immune system

Homeopathic remedies are unlike Western conventional medicines.

You will learn and deeply appreciate how ageless homeopathy is.

Future workshops

In the future I will have classes on understanding how Miasms have been created and how they continue to effect us.

Mental and Emotional Health

All homeopathic remedies have symptoms on the physical emotional and mental plane, that can not be separate.


What are they for, how to take and when to stop.

We will be learning about the top 14 remedies that EVERYONE should have in their home medicine chest.

The Birth of Complementary And Alternative Medicine CAM


Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine introduced and developed by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, at the end of the 18th century. Recognizing that the whole person-mind, body, are affected when there is illness, homeopathy seeks to treat that whole person. The focus is not the diseased part or the sickness, rather the totality of the individual. Homeopathic medicines, or 'remedies', stimulate the body's self-regulating mechanisms to initiate the healing process.

Homeopathic Philosophy

When a person becomes ill, it is the whole that is sick: body and mind. The body manifests symptoms of illness but it is not the origin of the illness.

We actually consider the etiology (Never Well since), to be within the things we know; in the pain complex that we experience day to day.

With acute conditions, we don't need to 'dig' that deep to find what the (Never Well Since), is if its a true acute..if someone gets a flu and has a sore throat, its an acute trauma, if we have chronic sore throats, it is not an acute condition any longer and we do search the person for what is the pain complex that keeps this situation from being healed.

The acute throat pain is usually something experienced as a child and which was not addressed correctly, in other words...the fact that the child was given a pharmaceutical  that never cured, simply suppressed and it then became a life long symptom that comes back every time the person is 'run down'.

Upon death, the physical body remains, but it is no longer curable. That which is curable, the 'vital force', has left the body, when it is said that one doesn't need to live in pain, why die with the pain?

The symptoms disappear as the person heals themselves.


So... are you in?

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