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My first blog post

April 20, 2022 ◊ By Kim Purdy

My first blog post

Hyper is not ENERGETIC;  Hyper is a drain or leakage of energy.

Our adrenal glands suffer from a hyper state, hence a weakening of the kidneys.

 Being energetic comes from good health. 

It is innate to be a healthy person, from within.  

The effect overactive adrenals have on the Kidneys as well as the thyroid is indisputable.

We are equipped to self heal far more than we are taught.

We are conditioned, and from a young age to believe that in order to live, we must adhere to procedures, and treatments designated to us from an industry, the term industry is something I have always been allergic to, because of its potential to take personal freedom away at the will of the overseers and underwriters.

Are you adhering to the protocol ?

And at what price?

You may never know since the pharmaceutical and insurance industry does not spill those beans.

But our immune system knows the price paid, through its actions and reactions, Newtons third law is also relevant here.

The term immune system came into play at the turn of the 20th century, what did we have before?

As a homeopath we have had a description of the process of what was named The Vital Force, over one hundred years beforewhat became known as modern or conventional medicine.

Our vital force can be reinforced and made stronger and healthy, even if we have had something that has held us back, or created injury emotionally or physically.

Health issues come to us, they are not who we are, it’s what we have taken on or acquired from with -out. 

We take on things so easily and usually from a young age and actually right from within our mother, in utero. (Our life story of future setbacks and accomplishment begins) often before our parents have any conscious idea who they are, and while they are creating us, we can develop patterns from trauma that we carry around like it was going to save our life.

We are taking it all in, to what we will ultimately become, but nothing is released unless conscious steps are made, it is YOURS and only we can bring wellbeing to ourselves, from the actions we take, to receive the healthy reactions.

Genetics are not only what we carry over from generations past in the way of lineage but also what our ancestors took on, also from their in utero experience but also from their life experiences and medical interference. 

The latter is often a difficult pill to swallow.

To understand that our terrain has been tainted by ALL of the above- 

But why or how, and most importantly how do we clear  it, is where healing begins. 

Reaching for medications has been the go to method we have been trained to believe will bring us certain health for generations now. 

But instead of cure, we are warned of often life threatening side effects- please discontinue this medicine if you develop this or the other, if your mother is or was pregnant, if you plan to become a parent, if you have a Liver.

An energetic system fraught with physical maladies, anxieties or dysfunction, and then overwhelming our vitality with suppressive methods, is 100% changeable and at any age, do not believe that age is a factor on how well one can feel; age has nothing to do with quality of life.

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