First time client 90 Minute Shiatsu with Acupressure - Kim Purdy's Wellbeing Studio
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Kim Purdy's Wellbeing Studio


First time client 90 Minute Shiatsu with Acupressure


This 90 minute Shiatsu with Acupressure treatment is done either on regular table or on the floor,  futon *traditional style’

I do not do conventional massage, what I do is 5000 years old and the focus is on the healing (not muscles and tendons) but through acupuncture points (fingers, not needles), with shiatsu meridians and channels, this system and modality brings the healing to the muscles, the organs and without a doubt, to the mind, that is controlled by the heart.

See my Blog on the differences between muscular therapy (which his nice and quite beautiful and Shiatsu which is nice and beautiful and…)

It is different and I am certified and licensed to [practice this amazing modality.

One per person


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