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POTENT Acu-Points 'Wellbeing State Of Mind'

Kim Purdy

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Clear the mind; Protect the heart 

Self acupressure/ Self -Shiatsu 

The class treats points that calm the mind and heart, thereby  protecting the heart 

The in person class will be held at my brick and mortar studio

If you prefer ZOOM, please register and will send a link for available days and times

Classes are $22.00 per individual group session, purchase and book online (see Work With Kim tab, for link)

Where: 1266 Furnace brook Parkway, suite 403 Quincy MA.

In the historic Williard  building

The self acupressure is holding specific points while the self shiatsu is working on the meridians

 Why: WHY NOT?

Induces deep state of relaxation for sleep.

This class will be a great prerequisite to a great nights sleep or early day clarity

Wheelchair accessible


lotus leaf

Registration is limited!

Thank You

Achieving Well-being through Self Acupressure

These Class's focus on helping the layperson to learn some beautiful healing point combinations for relaxation and anxiety relief.

We have met challenges these last more than three years, that need to be addressed within, for most of us.

All our health issues stem from how we feel.

If we allow  fear over an extended time to overtake us;  we are weakening our Kidneys and if we weaken our Kidneys we are unconsciously affecting our wellbeing, the Kidneys are effected by fear and fearful states.

While many think it's a food or vitamin issue that our bodies need to run their best, it is actually the state of our organs that affect how receive our optimal state.

The best example of nutrition being halted:

 The Spleen has everything to do with nutrition, The Spleen (amongst many other functions) is responsible for the intake, processing and distribution of nutrients extracted from food and drink.

Overthinking is a symptom that symptom effects the Spleen, allowing our thoughts to over crowd our mind, causes Spleen imbalance

In this class we will learn great points but also about what emotional states affect our organs and some great ways to ease the state we get ourselves into.


Kidney 25 acu point
Opens the chest and descends Lung Qi

This point she is touching is Kidney 25 and is great to subdue rebellious Lung Qi, such as coughing or asthma

This Masterclass will start in

This class is for you if...

  • You need to go within when you feel you can not

  • The desire to learn ancient acupuncture points using your fingers

  • Peace, beautiful peace

Focus points 

The anti stress and anxiety points we will learn will begin after a twenty minute core breath session.

This breathing technique will manifest our meridian system to be fully engaged and ready to allow the healing begin.

Pain Relief

Anxiety and stress have acute pain that it causes, the pain is not something over there, but inside.

The meridians are physical as much as spiritual, in that our mind decides how we feel physically, we decided it when we allowed the stress in, its just that we are human and we have daily concerns that can manifest as physical ailments. 

Organ Specific Points

We will look into what each organ does from not only the physiological aspect but also the psychological perspective and the points that are related to the organs, specifically

Why should you consider taking these ongoing classes?

If you feel like you want to get a treatment every day but you just can not afford it, pay once at a discounted rate and have access to your self ~ at your time and pace, for each session you choose

There will be multiple classes for a variety of ailments

I am educated on specific pressure points as well as homeopathic treatment for the above condition.

Kim Purdy has extensive professional training and full time practice in Shiatsu, Acupressure, and Tuina.

Eastern styles of bodywork and reflexology are not to be confused with massage therapy even though the U.S department of education defines it as a subset of massage therapy as well as acupuncture.

I do not use needles.

We will learn the points with our fingers

Future classes for ASD and behavior disorders; treatment of ASD and behavioral disorders, for all ages.

The specific acu-points classes where  you will learn treatment 'protocols, very healing and thoroughly therapeutic for those afflicted with your help, or for self care, to take a step back and relax, so as to have better concentration and self awareness when it comes to health, why not consider techniques for health and welfare over a run to the docto

So... are you in?

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