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Sticking To The Point

April 9, 2023 ◊ By Kim Purdy

Sticking To The Point

What is the point? Some feel that there is no point?

Lack of Joy is an imbalance not a disease; but if we continue to live without joy, we will create disease.

A diseased state, when we are honest with ourselves does not show up on our door step, unannounced.

We do have genetic predispositions of course (and that is for the next blog,) but most of our issues we know are there, we recognize the patterns, even at a young age, but we refuse to , or can't look at it,

but we always go back to it and we all know it.

Let's call it our 'core delusion' for lack of a better term and in fact when we look into it, there is no better term.

Does seeing it called a 'delusion' invoke something? For me it invokes that it is NOT REAL, the delusion we have is that there is something wrong with us, and the core of it stems from something we continually thought was true, often, even as a child.

We were told we are this that or the other and it really helped to not see this that and the other, because nothing the demon of delusion likes better than to create an environment within our being that will never be able to get beyond that which we set up in ourselves, not understanding the tools we have at our disposal for being whole, is a strong culprit, one of the best tools is when it comes up, whatever self defeating idea we allow in; is to recognize it, give it a name that is not your name, give it the identity that it is, 'self defeating', understand that however you 'caught it' it is yours now~ nothing you will ever try can move it elsewhere, it can't be swept under the rug or truly the fault of another, as at the end of the day, we have to overcome it, or it will overcome us in the form of un well being, if someone abused you or destroyed you, still it is only with ourselves that we can dig uptake weeds and plant healthy seeds of self worth.

Practice makes perfect, give yourself the benefit of the doubt in that you, we are human and we can start fresh any day be it 9 or 90.

In looking at well being, if we feel lack of joy in life we are in charge of our joy but as I said if it becomes overwhelming we can have it reside where joy lives, hence lack there, of; and that is in the heart.

Our heart as an organ is the EMPEROR of our being, it is what controls our life.

We must not let the Emperor be damaged by things we do and especially with things we allow.

If you feel that you need help, then it is not a bad idea to get it and if the help feels wrong to shed that 'helper' and take the best course for you.

In my practice I am well aware of how tings happen in our body which affects our entire self, I have treated hundreds of children suffering with ASD and ADHD and the integral part the heart and Kidneys play in these conditions.

These are conditions, part of the alphabet soup of conventional labeling of humans from the powers that would like to be.

There one is labeled the more detrimental it is to being on ones correct and best path in life.

Because these situations are mistreated be it with medications or one feeling misrepresented, surely long term disease could rear its ugly head.

I have a first time client special on my webpage and Groupon/LivingSocial vouchers that I can physically treat anyone suffering with untamed core delusions with resultant emotional discord with the correct points.




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