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The Joy Of Fire Cupping

April 18, 2023 ◊ By Kim Purdy

The Joy Of Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping and  Suction Cupping


Fire Cupping is how cupping has been done traditionally for centuries, but in recent history vacuum cupping has become quite popular.


The reason fire cupping is so effective is the heat penetrates like tiny needles into the skin and mobilizes the blood and lymph flow.

The heat created by fire cups is why it feels like tiny needles, the fire is ignited and the jar ‘catches the heat’ as a vacuum and that vacuum  expands and causes the blood vessels to expand, this creates the one of a kind sensation, it doesn't happen with suction cups.

The combination of heat and vacuum create Blood and Qi flow.

It isn't suction that creates the blood and qi flow, both feel great, but there are major differences.

 Fire Cups will bring Joie De Vire (JOY OF LIFE)because the sensation is luxurious.

The depth of relaxation as well as the feeling of things moving, i.e. the feeling the mucus dissolve in your lungs~is PRICELESS.)

Suction cups may help the muscle to  feel less tense, but I don't see how mucus is going to dissolve, if someone can correct me, that would be great.

I have read that suction cupping is a ‘safe alternative’ and I most certainly agree, but one is safe receiving fire cupping from a professionally trained fire cupping and suction cupping us generally safe, unless you are cupping on contraindicated points, which is never correct.

Fire cupping should not be used on specific areas that someone that  a professional Asian bodywork therapist or Acupuncturist understands as part of training.

Using fire cups should not be done if the person doing it doesn’t understand that certain areas should never be cupped, and even with vacuum cups, fire cups are part of traditional Chinese Medicine, hence the areas being discussed are acupuncture points that may be contraindicated to use fire cups on, or to even be treated with hands on.

Suction with suction cups usually leave more dark spots on the skin, and that is a sign of suction.

Fire cupping;  because of the heat will cause the underlying blood and Qi to flow, the spots may or may not have any dark areas, and may be simply pink, this shows that the area has normal blood flow either prior to the treatment or during the treatment, but suggests that the area didn't really need a cupping done in that area, but it definitely will make the area feel great, anywhere you do fire cupping feels great.  

So when looking for cupping, consider that fire cupping is the way to go.


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