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Self Acupressure Academy

From Kim Purdy's Wellbeing Studio

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Self Acupressure POTENT points

This workshop (book at bottom of the page) is self done; self acupressure.

You will be taught how to find acupuncture pressure points and when to release the point. These POTENT points help alleviate many different states of health, on every plane.Point prescriptions for treating anxiety and stress relief, we will be doing some Hara (abdominal breath work) and meridian stretches.

Ongoing classes for different ailments and stress related treatments, such as thyroid issues etc.

This class is a pre requisite fr upcoming classes.

woman massaging her tired feet

Self Reflexology for the soul

ONGOING self wfwlxology done in a group setting

Learn the basics of major points on the foot and foot sole, ankles, aka, acu-points, this is eastern and western combination of foot reflexology.

They are very helpful to be treated for a myriad of complaints, and to help with self healing.

These classes, available for in studio, through zoom, and as a party.

(Disclaimer:) These classes are not for professional licensure, but to learn for oneself or a friend or family member at NO CHARGE.

Kidney 25 acu point
Opens the chest and descends Lung Qi

Book 'Potent Points' Self-Acupressure in person class

The point this woman is touching is named Kidney 25, and is an amazing point named "Spirit Storehouse".

It is a point that promotes the descent of Lung air, and helps subdue the rebellion of Lung Qi that causes symptoms that can create situations that look like asthma, but what is asthma that is healing known as, it is known as wellness...

Disclaimer: These classes do not give certification to practice Asian Bodywork Therapy.

Kim Purdy is FULLY CERTIFIED and duly licensed to practice.


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