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If the removal of symptoms is not followed by a restoration to health, it cannot be called a cure.

April 20, 2022 ◊ By Kim Purdy

If the removal of symptoms is not followed by a restoration to health, it cannot be called a cure.


A single one of the symptoms present is no more the  disease itself than a single foot is the man himself.

If you were to ask a M.D./physician, who had not been trained in Homeopathy, of what a cure consists, his mind would only revolve around the idea of the disappearance of the pathological state ; if an eruption on the skin were the given instance, the disappearance of the eruption from the skin under his treatment would be called a cure ; if hemorrhoids, the removal of these would be called a cure ; if constipation, the opening of the bowels would be called a cure ; if some affection of the knee joint, an amputation above the knee would be considered a cure ; or if it were an acute disease and the patient did not die, it would be considered a cure of the disease.

Samuel Hahnemann brought God’s medicine to us.

Never in history has anything like it been created, how it is proven is how we see the picture of the condition that is 'grafted' on the individual.

THE NEVER WELL SINCE, is the starting point of our pain, and where we as homeopaths are looking to start the ability of the client to heal.

When someones emotional pain, their issues be it emotional physical or mental pain, starts to heal, they feel the difference they feel the better, which is not what one experiences by drug suppression, anyone that takes a homeopathic remedy is aware of the difference, it is completely empirical, and no matter how much suppressive treatments one has 'endured', homeopathic medicine is quite capable of being of service in the most gentle and effective way, and almost instantaneously the immune system (vital Force) RALLIES, the person, even someone that was on their deathbed can have instant relief, and all emotions related to the death process revert to the innate understanding of one's true source (is that ever a bad thing?), NEVER would morphine etc. ever need to be 'employed', wouldn't it be nice to enjoy the love of being present with your 'mourners' while still alive and actually well, you are not sick, you are dying...

In suffering from illness, no two people are going to be the same in how they react, consider an admonition the person has experience,, one person can feel mocked and laughed at, while someone else can feel suspicious, another person can feel that the person that they were hurt from, is beneath them, while another person feels criticized, or seeks revenge, in other words when one has suffered, even if it was nit intentional against them, it can and does bring up all the trauma we have had and often put away inside of ourselves for 'safe keeping', but it forms what homeopaths worth their weight know as 'The Core Delusion', and our symptoms of that coming back are always the pain we recognize, sometimes subconsciously, often is a quick 'hi and bye' as it is the pain complex we wish we didn't, but do have, that is what homeopathic medicine heals, it gently brings it back and the remedy gently gives you the understanding of it as it peels it off along with the symptoms that were created from suppressing it for soooo long, I might add that the younger a person the parent notices this is happening and treats them homeopathically the swifter that core delusion is retaliated against and has NO power to continue to create an unlived life for that person.

Say you see your daughter that has a heart of gold experience her first heart break from their 'crush', and inserted of understanding (which is very unlikely for someone 14,) she starts to put herself on the ROAD THAT SHOULD BE LESS TRAVELED, and she ends up in a series of heartbreaks, that may include alcohol, that makes her less resistant to the wolf pack... that ends up trying to crush her more due to his lack of confidence that he has never addressed, now we have two miserable souls, and though they may grow up to be great and do great things, the conditions such as chronic headaches, menstrual and fertility issues and impotence or inability to enjoy sex, for her,

The money or power they decide to chase instead of WELL-BEING that is their god given right, instead.

The consultation is not talk therapy or psychoanalysis.

The intake form the client fills out, is going to bring up the same issues, and listening as with a homeopathic consult as well as the TCM consult in practice is part and parcel of identifying the 'leakage of energy' the person is experiencing and how the well prescribed treatment is analyzed. 

The person rarely comes to the homeopath and says I haven't been well since I experienced heartbreak, or since I was humiliated, abused, forsaken or any other affront to themselves, they are all important, they all cause extreme discomfort that causes reaction within the body.

The "Chief Complaint", or what the client seeks treatment for is generally the physical complaint, they may complain of stiffness or aching etc. and often it is simply an acute injury, but if it is not an acute, but a long time complaint, it is important to get to the root, be it right away, but it can be a long term complaint, that can very dangerous, these situations are not healed by a nebulizer, though understandably a person wants quick relief, what they do not realize is the well prescribed homeopathic remedy will also work fast, but will also bring the person's immune system into balance, quickly as well.

How they have succeeded to put it somewhere else in their personal life, so as not to have to feel it,  the compensations one has shown the homeopath, where it has been filed away', for safekeeping, or to suffer, for me it is heartbreaking to see someone suffering from grief for years, not realizing that the swelling in the ankles or the angina in the heart is from the unresolved grief.

The remedy for the person that developed asthma from love disappointment and found homeopathy will first say after taking the remedy as directed by the professional, that they are calm and they don't have any of the intensity or  jealousy or 'desire for revenge' they often feel before they have an asthma attack, or an outbreak of something, or a migraine, these physical symptoms are compensations for the challenges they have endured, that we all create, to cover up the pain and what is understood as the 'Core Delusion', the homeopath certainly wants the asthma to be CURED, and understand fully, that suppressing and filing pain away, will not stop the ongoing physical compensations to stop.

Classical homeopathic medicine is the antithesis to 'allopathy', in that a remedy is never one size fits all, and never intended to suppress symptoms, as is always the case with herbs, elements, venoms and pharmaceuticals….

Allopathic medicine, or allopathy, is an archaic and derogatory label originally used by 19th-century homeopaths to describe heroic medicine… according to wiki.

...and of course to any homeopath worth their weight, in being willing to take on the challenge to practice.

We do not easily relinquish our pain hurt loss etc., the remedy works deeply, but its is gentle and great for anyone, when we treat for a physical pain it clears up all the emotional terrain, as well and the opposite is also true, though al homeopaths understand that its in our fears, anger, grief, sadness etc that we see the picture of the well prescribed remedy, they will feel great with.

In a 1890 issue of Harpers Magazine, Mark Twain acknowledged the special value of homeopathy, noting, “The introduction of homeopathy forced the old school doctor to stir around and learn something of a rational nature about his business.” (33) Twain also asserted that “You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of the allopathists (orthodox physicians) to destroy it.”

And look what the great Dizzy Gillespie said about homeopathy:

There have been two great revelations in my life: The first was bebop (a calling in his life, he most likely had many with his talent,)  the second was homeopathy.

Hahnemann  was not the first clinician who noted the drug selection on the basis of their similarity to the disease to reach to cure. 

The blessed Doctor Samuel Hahnemann was a medical doctor that earned his medical degree after paying for his extensive training (above and beyond), what the typical M.D of his time required, through translating medical books (materia medica and (medical journals), many going back many hundreds of years and from all over the world, he spoke and wrote fluently 7 languages including Greek and Latin, where he read the descriptions of suffering and the toxin given, which was not truly false as a prescription, but was considered from his experience that is the same today as was in Greece or Africa or the East, that the dose of said ‘drugs’ was always a toxic dose, and not the homeopathic infinite potency, where there is not a single molecule of the substance that could be found, even with the current best lab equipment the world has to offer.

After many years of valiantly attempting to save lives but watching patients passing away from the poisons medical doctors were required to use, and were expected to be being given, and were forced to be taken in many instances, *see Mercury, below; (the crude substances of his time.)

They are not prescribed on paper these days, but many were and are part of the makeup of vaccines, they claim they do not use Mercury ‘anymore’ in vaccines.

Not too far back it was, and regardless we are generally not privy to vaccine contents.

But, it (Mercury,) was used for 600 years in it's crude form to cure syphilis, yet killed or created disease that have names now (this info will be shared in the near future,) but suffice to say that in it's homeopathic proving symptoms 111,111 symptoms have been proven countless times over the past 200 hundred years with not one dead or injured person doing a proving as is meant to be done, do not try at home.

With a crude dose of a toxic substance, you would be dead or extremely ill; with a crude dose ingesting of mercury you would have a response and you would not appreciate the response from the poison, such as teeth fall out and possibly, hemorrhaging black blood indefinitely, i.e. you can not prove a substance especially a crude poison like this or hemlock or snake venom etc, you will be injured; even a non toxic substance (that can, and has been created into a homeopathic preparation,) will produce symptoms in its crude form, such as coffee (Coffee Cruda) or Rosemary (Ledum Palustre) they elicit symptoms, these substance will not kill you, but can be very unpleasant and symptoms you may have every day and didn't realize it was from these substances, think of drinking coffee and having an excitement of the nervous system, all substances have a crude effect on us.

A homeopathic proving can prove all symptoms and cure a person's immune system (vital force,) 

Dr. Hahnemann relinquished his medical practice & devoted himself to the translation of great medical classics of his time, and the creation of the same homeopathic substances used today.

Hahnemann  was not the first clinician who noted the drug selection on the basis of their similarity to the disease to reach to cure. 

Hahnemann cited previous experiences of clinicians like Hippocrates, Paracelsus and Stahl (1738) in whose writings he found the most definite statement of the 'Law of Similars', that what a substance caused in a crude dose, a homeopathically prepared substance, could cure.

But, none of those methods that proceeded were able to systematically offer an experimental proof.

 In 1790, after Hahnemann was actively creating what we know now, as homeopathy,  Dr. Hahnemann was engaged in translating Cullen's materia medica from English to German, his attention was arrested by the remark of the author that cinchona bark cured malaria because of its bitterness & tonic effects on stomach. 

This explanation appeared unsatisfactory to him, he understood its falsity, because bitter tonic’s effect on the stomach was not a cure for malaria.

To discover the true mode of action, he himself ingested 4 drams of cinchona juice twice daily for a few days. To his great astonishment, he very soon developed symptoms very similar to ague, ‘malarial fever’., IN GERMANY, remember that the true way of contracting the NON contagious Malaria, is through the bite of a not tp long living the the fly, that could not survive a summer never mind a winter, in Germany.

The use of crude matter of Cinchona bark is used  today in what we are familiar with as 'feverfew', Quinine or tonic water,

Homeopathy has many wonderful attributes that are unique to homeopathy. 

The medium for all remedies use tiny milk sugar pellets as that are impregnated with individual homeopathic tinctures and in classical homeopathic medicine they are put in water so they can be further strengthened, this is impossible with the 'dry' dose.

In taking a small amount of the substance that no longer has a physical molecule of the substance within, the 'prover' will elicit symptoms of the substance, often not knowing what substance they were proving, no matter how many people proved the substance, the symptoms always came back the same, no remedy is proven one time by groups of ten or more people and in many different environments, countries and climates with the same results, this is why we are blessed today to understand that Mercury has 111,111 symptoms proven and can be given a the first sign of specific symptoms a person has, with no possibility of hurting the person.

There are thousands of remedies and they are unique to themselves.

Hahnemann quickly realized that the dry doses in water were able to be strengthened, whereas dry pellets had to go up in potency after only two to three doses, which made it difficult to control the effects of an aggravation from too high a potency.

Many people know of homeopathic medicine, but in a very limited way, they understand it as great for simple acute conditions, but generally have little to no understanding how it used for long standing chronic conditions, most people will see a doctor for a chronic condition, and are being treated with a myriad of RX and over the counter pharmaceuticals.

A homeopathic prescription is never this, the homeopath painstakingly takes into account the full individual and matches the client to the remedy that is most close ‘the simillimum’  (the totality), which by virtue of the totality.

Homeopathic medicine is NEVER more than one remedy at a time.

 Mixtures (called poly-pharmacy), that are often seen and prescribed and are neverhomeopathy, there never has been a school of homeopathy that could rationally explain how proving  it could work to a benefit the client, or to prove the substance, its a mist mash at that point and is not debatable to a true homeopath, unless someone is okat=y with being proven wrong, according to Hahnemann's Organon.

An example of poly-pharmacy: A person has a cough: several remedies are mixed together (two or more), and for as many types of coughs as are coughs, such as a wet cough, a dry cough, a barking cough, the list can go on,  in hopes that one of them will be the one that works, why it isn't homeopathic to the case is that they oppose one another and are not found to match the person, therefore if it works it is a coincidence at best, but sadly the client or the homeopath would not know what helped, and many other factors, the true main one is it is impossible to suppress and cure at the same time.

What is an acute and chronic illness?

Acute illnesses generally develop suddenly and last a short time.

Often lasting only a few days or weeks, but cause a lot of discomfort and aggravation before they are gone, and are often created into a chronic condition due to continuous suppression.

An acute homeopathic remedy will finish it off in hours or days, with the pain sensation drastically reduced, usually within a couple of hours of the remedy.

My 'Work with Kim’ tab on the website page describes the 'Classical Homeopathic Medicine Chest' class.

This is a great class to learn remedies everyone should have on hand in their medicine cabinet.

To understand an acute symptom, that is what this class covers. Issues that we all experience from time to time

We all experience these at one time or the other from being human.

We have amazing remedies such as for the baby teething, a strain, a sprain or dislocation, a sting from an insect a puncture wound that occurs no matter the source, stepping on a nail etc, remedies to prevent infection from developing, remedies from 'Montezuma's revenge, that would stop it before it ruins your vacation, we can stop a flu before it begins with homeopathy, all ACUTE issues, but acute painful periods, or acute situation that continue over time even weaknesses , fatigue etc. should be taken care of right away, before they become chronic, if someone treats strep while its new can keep issues that are continual and are known as acute exacerbations of chronic conditions from manifesting,

Drugs are the substances which have the  capacity to affect the development of disease and / or its expression through systems. 

 We also have acute emotional situations, and treating these before they become chronic unresolved life issues is where homeopathy is most heroic.

As explained,  break up or a grief, a family issue such as divorce, domestic abuse etc. and or some conditions are from an 'emotional  issue' left untreated or poorly treated (suppression medicines,) that block our ability to feel and learn how to manifest well-being, which leads to more symptoms that push the ‘pain’ to another area of the body or psyche, to suppress leads us to then try and understand the foundation for Chronic complaints

The Chief Complaint is the focus of what the person is most concerned with at the time they look to consult.

Chronic conditions develop slowly often from poorly treated (allopathic) acute situations (i.e an emotional loss followed by painful periods, or impotence or any other issue... and may worsen over an extended period of time—months to years; homeopathic medicine never treats the name of a disease, but treats the person the individual.

Here is an example of a chief complaint, and to repeat a chief complaint is what an individual comes for treatment for.

I bring this condition up NOT because I am an adult and a female but because the number of hysterectomies performed United States is in over 600, 000 a year.

(The World Health Organization) makes the claim that endometriosis is incurable…  what they actually say is ‘no known cure’.

The rate of misdiagnosis is 75.2% of patients reported being misdiagnosed with another physical health (95.1%) and/or mental health problem (49.5%) and most frequently by gynecologists (53.2%) followed by general practitioners (34.4%).

Key facts:

Endometriosis affects roughly 10% (190 million) of reproductive age women and girls globally.

It is a chronic disease associated with severe pain during periods, sexual intercourse, bowel movements and/or urination, chronic pelvic pain, abdominal bloating, nausea, fatigue, and sometimes depression, anxiety, and infertility.

There is currently no known cure for endometriosis  with. conventional medicine, and treatment is usually aimed at controlling symptoms.

Access to early diagnosis and effective treatment of endometriosis is important, but is limited in many settings, including in low- and middle-income countries.

Finding the 'name' that goes along with the problem such as painful periods known as dysmenorrhea~ is simply understanding a technical medical term, some people are happy to hear a diagnosis and then will take the RX that they are prescribed, if we take it to a reason for the pain, let's say the client is now given the next technical name, they are diagnosed with endometriosis, at the end of the day. 

And here is where things get toxic: It is often 8.5 years after a woman is seen after coming in for an initial diagnosis before a diagnosis is often determined due to how many symptoms that could be any number of diagnoses, a woman trying to understand her ‘pain complex’ may get prior to the diagnosis they finally give her of endometriosis. 

A woman (human)  diagnosed for any condition; in the case of endometriosis, a homeopath will as always put all her symptoms, including mental and emotional pain, and look at where it began, for her personally. where did it begin, the diagnosis has many 'For Instances'; and it could have come from anything (as explained), it may have been even the pain  her mother experienced during, or prior to her mothers pregnancy such as she, being in an a relationship that was unhealed, this is what we the focus and name is, such as love; disappointed? 

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and analgesics (painkillers) like ibuprofen and naproxen are often used to treat pain at the onset of the appointment with the homeopathic remedy, its curing that love pain, which is causing reactions through out the persons life.

Go home and take these and please try and deal with what you  But most often the person does not look elsewhere, in this case for endometriosis and very soon, comes back to the physician for the depression and will be put on a psychiatric med until the day they acquiesce to going under the knife and having the uterus or entire reproductive system removed and often they are in child bearing years.

As a classical homeopath I am looking at who this person is, when did they first experience the situation, and start from there.

NO two people are the same people, what brought this person to me, what is her core belief about herself that is usually masked to keep from digging in and feeling like their life will be made worse for the knowing.

Classical homeopathic medicine is GENTLE, yet deep working, it is not confrontational to the psyche as conventional medicines are, if the person had a life of abuse, the remedy will gently cure that ‘pain complex’ if the person feels unheard or that everything is falling apart or that they are doomed or that their emotional loss is too great, the first thing the correctly prescribed remedy will do will release the person from the unconscious, yet self inflicted prison in their heart and at that point they are free, and the physical symptoms give way, to the promise of their vital force (immune system), and they are able to remove the suppressed pain and the suppression medicine and they wrongly perceived idea of being ‘toxic’, out of every crevice of their body, where they experience self forgiveness, forgiveness to others that wronged them, they have their life and their health that is back in its rightful place, and they can fully comprehend they are experiencing ‘The Great Restorative’.



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