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Shiatsu on Martha’s Vineyard

June 26, 2023 ◊ By Kim Purdy

Shiatsu on Martha’s Vineyard

Shiatsu on Martha's Vineyard~ 

As a generational New Englander, I love everything Martha's Vineyard and New England. 


My family traces back to the Mayflower original voyage and settled in in MA.

Nothing is more peaceful to me than quaint fishing villages and reminiscences of old Massachusetts communities.

Do you LOVE Shiatsu, with Acupressure and Tuina, or Ashiatsu (back walking?); these modalities are neither acupuncture or massage, but according to the U.S department of education, are considered a subset of both.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in my lovely studio in the historic Quincy, MA. Willard school building, or on  Martha’s Vineyard, for a Day For Healing with Reflexology, or  a DEEP therapeutic treatment, you will always leave, fully relaxed, yet energized.

This is my educational background and what I know since finishing my program in 1986 and internship at Lemuel Shattuck "Chronic Pain and Stress Relief Clinic".

Traditionally done clothed, or in underclothing I work to find imbalances of Qi, that cause stagnation that causes pain and discomfort and lightly, but more likely DEEPLY work to discourage the weeds of pain to create any lasting issues in our energetic nerve pathways of the Central and ParaSympathetic Nervous System from creating long term health issues in our organs.

I am a certified and licensed bodywork therapist and fully educated and insured for my scope of practice, in Massachusetts.

If you are on the island or thinking of visiting and looking to set up a scheduled time for healing bodywork, text me at 6174791030.


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